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Central Vermont Boxcar #43022

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Operational History

This outside braced wooden box car was built by the Pressed Steel Car Company of Pittsburgh, PA in 1929 as a 40 foot single sheathed boxcar with double 6 foot doors on each side. In the 1940's, the roof of the car was raised 4 inches. During the 1950's, the double doors were removed and replaced by single 6 foot doors. The car was renumbered #43022. Markings inside the boxcar indicate that it was probably used to carry grain. In 1969, the car was renumbered #4392 and used for maintenance of way storage under the footbridge in Willimantic until the 1980's.

Museum History

The car was purchased by the museum in August 1992 and moved to the museum site. Restoration to its 1950's appearance was completed in September 1996.

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